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Welcome to the Giving page for Bangkok Grace International School (BGIS).

It is a joy and a blessing that BGIS has been established with God’s grace. Without his grace, today there would not be Bangkok Grace International School. It has been over 25 years since I have been called to Thailand and children ministry has always been my passion. God has done great things in my life and as a missionary after establishing Thailand Sunday School Institute since 1990; I have realized later that the ultimate goal of children ministry is to train children to become the next Champions for Christ. They will become the leaders of generation that God has planned great things for them, but to get through this world, they need to get trained and ready for the battle. Only with God’s help and growing together can they survive each day. The most important thing is to trust in Him and always follow God’s Word with their whole heart.

Bangkok Grace International School was not created to gain money or establish business by creating more institution. BGIS was not built to raise student’s score but was designed to create leaders of God’s generations that would change the world. BGIS is a place that gives opportunity to the students who yearns to study and make difference in the community. The World is full of disappointment but we cannot give up due to the difficulties that we face each day. BGIS exists to train students to become like Daniel and his friends as they have changed the history by being constantly faithful and standing strong on God’s Word.

We have qualified teachers and staffs from different parts of the world. They have been gathered here at this place with hopes and prayer to serve the community. Action speaks louder than word and money cannot change the world. Only through Christ may we find the true value of life.

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