About Us

Our Purpose

Vision of Community Fellowship (VOCF) exists to help people, leaders, and communities experience transformation.

Our Aim

In VOCF, the final fruit of our work is a sustainable, healthy community that can keep growing itself.  We call this "Vision of Community" (VOC).  It must be the community's dream, not ours.

A key question for every organization is, "when have we finished?".  VOCF's answer is when a community can keep growing itself towards their vision.  This requires doing projects differently from Day One:

  • Focus on the root causes of poverty, especially mindset, not just lack of resources.
  • Starting with small projects that build community confidence, not big projects that can cause dependence.
  • Starting with leader training so that everything is owned by the community.
  • Using a community-led process, not outsider-led.
  • Followup to encourage communities.

Our History

The concept of "Vision of Community" (VOC) originally started inside Food for the Hungry International (FHI) in the early 1990's before VOCF was created.  While creating FHI's Corporate Identity, the team felt the need for defining success at a community level. VOC became a powerful guiding light for FHI's programs and training of staff.

In 2006, FHI blessed a small group of people to begin an organization solely focused on VOC.  It was registered in Lexington, Kentucky, USA by Rev. Scott Martin. The initial group wrestled with different names for the new organization, but ultimately settled on Vision of Community Fellowship, Inc. The reason for fellowship was to emphasize the importance of relationships, not corporate structure.

Going forward, our dream is to become a "community of communities" in transformation.  Rather than a conventional non-profit organization, we would like to be, plant, support, and network inspiring models of community transformation.


There are three simple ways to be donate to VOCF.

What How Much Why
Our Purpose Platinum:$300/mo
Gold: $100/mo
Silver: $50/mo
Or Your Choice
For donors who want to invest in VOCF’s purpose and training activities.
VOCF takes as little as possible from donations for management. VOCF would not be able to continue without these strategic investors. With this option, you contribute to all of VOCF's projects.
Our People Your Choice For donors who want to support an international or national worker.
Our Projects Your Choice For donors who want to support a specific project or Young Farmers Partnership.

VOCF is a 501.c.3 organization, so donations in the USA are tax deductible.