Our Work

What We Do

To produce the fruit of inspiring, sustainable communities, VOCF has three core activities:


Training is the foundation of VOCF.  We offer 5 courses to catalyze inside-out transformation.  Every person and community is different, so the appropriate starting topic depends on local needs.  Courses are available through small-group self-study booklets, online training, and conferences.  Use the contact form if you have interest.

  • New Creation (Context for transformation)
  • New People (Personal transformation)
  • New Leaders (Leader transformation)
  • New Communities (Community transformation)
  • New Nations (National transformation)
Sending People

VOCF believes people and mindsets are the most important resource for transformation. For that reason, VOCF supports international and national workers who are carriers and trainers of the VOC ideas.  Their key task is to be models of transformation and develop local leaders to continue their own process of transformation.


VOCF starts with training and people, but there are times when outside resources for projects is needed.  While VOCF supports a variety of projects, a core program of VOCF is Young Farmers Partnership (YFP). It's aim is to encourage everyone to grow at least some of their food, live healthy, and be resilient.  Learn more about this unique program by clicking on Young Farmers Partnership.

VOCF also responds to emergency relief in partnership with Food for the Hungry International Federation (FHIF).

How We Work

A unique aspect of VOCF is the process we use to help communities. VOCF uses the following order of steps:

  • Build Relationships
  • Train Local Leaders
  • Analyze Assets and Problems
  • Create a Community Vision
  • Make a Plan
  • Implement
  • Review Results
  • Celebrate

There are numerous differences between this process and most conventional strategies.  For example, conventional strategies often put leader training near the end to carry on an outsider program. The problem with this is lack of local ownership and often results in failure. Another difference is analyzing assets (what do we have), not just problems (what do we need). VOCF's training called "New Communities" goes in depth into this process.

Where We Work

VOCF has projects, workers, or does training on an on-going basis in the following countries:

  • Bolivia
  • Cameroon
  • Caribbean
  • Congo
  • Hong Kong
  • Nicaragua
  • Nigeria
  • Thailand
  • United States

In addition to these countries of focus, VOCF also partners with Food for the Hungry International (FHIF) and Canaan Global Leadership Center.  These partnerships expand VOCF’s reach to over 80 countries of the world.


There are three main options to donate to VOCF:

What How Much Why
Our Purpose Platinum:$300/mo
Gold: $100/mo
Silver: $50/mo
Or Your Choice
For donors who want to invest in VOCF’s purpose and training activities.
VOCF takes as little as possible from donations for management.  VOCF would not be able to continue without these strategic investors. With this option, you contribute to all of VOCF's projects.
Our People Your Choice For donors who want to support an international or national worker.
Our Projects Your Choice For donors who want to support Young Farmers Partnership or other projects.

VOCF is a 501.c.3 organization, so donations in the USA are tax deductible.