USA (Seattle) Model Farm Community



VOCF’s vision is to create and multiply inspiring model communities with the following characteristics:

  • 10 families, primarily from lower to lower-middle incomes.
  • Approximately 10 acres of land (purchased, donated, leased, or held in trust).
  • Pre-fab, energy efficient homes.  These homes can be assembled by supervised teams (sweat equity) in just one week.  These homes can also be unassembled years later if necessary.
  • Community managed water, sanitation and energy (near or fully net-zero).
  • Integrated community farm:  agriculture, chickens and other animals.
  • Multi-purpose community center (Meetings, IT, classes, etc.).
  • Community covenant, that includes values for work ethic and sustainable living.

What we need is:

  • Land.  Our concept is to make model communities accessible to lower income families and replicate them, so the idea of leased or trust land is particularly attractive.
  • Networks with like-minded groups and expertise, especially in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Startup Capital. To purchase and assemble at least two model homes in partnership with 360Nativus.

If you have interest in contributing or being a part of this vision, please contact us at “”.


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