Real Sustainability

VOCF's ultimate goal are sustainable communities that can keep transforming themselves .... without reliance on outsiders.  To do this, VOCF dares to use unconventional principles and processes, such as the power of new mindsets and equipping local leaders from Day One. 

A Global Network of Organizations

VOCF has 25 like-minded member organizations that work in 80+ nations.  Examples of members include Korea Food for the Hungry (KFHI), Japan Food for the Hungry (JIFH), Food for the Hungry Taiwan (FHIT), God's Plan for the Family Nicarauga, and more.  Donors can donate to projects for the member of their choice.

Farming VOC and National Worker Support

VOCF members do many kinds of projects, but VOCF recognizes a special link between locally produced food and community sustainability.  Farming VOC is a new, innovative program that encourages both givers and receivers to grow their own food. Learn more. 

Support an International Worker

It takes transformed people to help others experience transformation. You can help international workers serve the world with your donation.

New Nations Training

The final pillar of VOCF is a system of training for personal, community, and national transformation. It is unique because it is based on true, inspiring stories - not just theories - and designed to multiply.


Get Involved

We love hearing from people, community leaders, and organizations.