What We Do

VOCF produces sustainable communities.

VOCF uses common-sense, back to the basics methods that empower local communities from Day One.

VOCF's Process

A key reason VOCF produces sustainable results is our process.  Each step is led by the community itself.

  • Build Community Relationships
  • Train Local Leaders
  • Analyze Community Assets and Problems
  • Create a Community Vision
  • Make a Plan
  • Implement
  • Review Results
  • Celebrate

Conventional Processes

Conversely, conventional processes are typically led by outsiders, even when trying to include the community as a participant.

  • Programming (outside organization's program)
  • Identification (where outside programs are needed)
  • Formulation (outsider's plan)
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring (by outsider)
  • Evaluation (by outsider)

4 Ways to Get Involved

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Our featured course, New Nations, is a training system for personal, community, and national transformation.

  • The online course is 7 weeks long and happens twice per year.
  • It uses proven methods and each person creates their own personal action plan.
  • For more information, fill out the contact form.


Our 4 focus ways to give:

  • Member Projects
  • An International Worker
  • Farming VOC with National Worker Support.
  • Where Most Needed

We periodically have special appeals related to global relief or refugee situations.

Click on the donate link at the top or below on this page.



VOCF connects both members and like-minded global people and people via online learning groups.

  • Peer Learning groups look at inspiring case studies of tranformation and share reactions.
  • Peer learning groups meet online via Zoom at least once per month.
  • To request more info or an invitation, fill out the contact form.

Start Where You Are!

VOCF aims to multiply ideas that truly work without controlling those who do them.

  • Change Myself First! Begin with yourself or family. Using the New Nations system, make a Personal Action Plan.
  • Change My Community First! Start in your own community by forming a study group to learn about New Nations.
  • For information, fill out the contact form.

Where We Work

VOCF members do projects and send people to over 80 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.


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VOCF takes no more than 5% management fee from your donation.  VOCF, Inc. is a tax deductible 501.c.3 organization in the USA.