Organization Sponsorship

What:  Invest in the overall mission and training activities of VOCF.

How:   Platinum $300/month, Gold $100/month, Silver $50/month, Bronze $25/month

Why:   Unlike most organizations, VOCF takes 0% from designated donations.  VOCF would not be able to continue without these strategic donations. With this option, you contribute to all of VOCF’s projects.

Donate to Our Mission

People Sponsorship

What:  Support an international or national worker to carry the VOC message.

How:   Your choice of which person to support and how much.

Why:   People are not overhead, they are the most valuable resource of any organization. It is people that impact other people.

Donate to a Worker


What:  Support a specific project.

How:  Your choice of project and how much.

Why:    For donors who want to make a specific and possibly one-time donation.With this option, you can sponsor one farmer per year, who will also pay it forward.  After each year of sponsorship, you are partnered with a new farmer.

Donate to Projects

"All-In-One" Community Sponsorship

What:  A small group of donors can invest in a specific community until it reaches sustainability. This option packages all the activities (Training, People, Projects) into one community. On average, this requires at least 20 sponsors for a 5-7 year period. 

How: $30/month (Minimum of at least 20 donors)

Why: This puts it all together. It is a dramatically impactful option for organizations, foundations, and churches.

Donate for a Community