Our Purpose

What:  Invest in the overall purpose and training activities of VOCF.

How:   Platinum $300/month, Gold $100/month, Silver $50/month, Bronze $25/month

Why:   VOCF takes as little as possible from donations for management.  This requires strategic donors who invest in VOCF's message and training.

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Nancy and Leonardo

Our People

What:  Support an international or national worker to carry the VOC message.

How:   You choose which person to support and how much to donate.

Why:   People are not overhead, they are the most valuable resource of any organization. It is people that impact other people.

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Our Projects

What:  Support a specific project or Young Farmers Partnership.

How:  You choose which project interests you and how much to donate.

Why:    To support a specific project through one of' VOCF's partner organizations.  VOCF partners receive VOC training and meet VOCF standards.

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