Jason Noble

Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to our partnership site! Thanks for stopping by. Below is some information about how to partner with us and about what we will be doing with Crossroads in Hong Kong. Please join us in this adventure as we participate in our Father’s mission to redeem all creation.

For those just dropping in to figure out how to donate, below is the vital info. Still further down the page are some frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have additional questions, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Thank you so much for your care and support. We could not do this without you and are excited that we have the opportunity to do it with you!!


Jason and Polly (and Caleb, Micah, Josiah, and Moses)

US-based partners:

1. Credit card or Automatic Withdrawal:  To go to the link, click here.
You can also select the Give button at the top of the VOCF website. Under Categories, select Support a Person and then select my name.

2. Mail check (or set up your bank billpay): Send check made out to “VOCF” (put my name in the memo field) to VOCF, PO Box 480, Monument, CO 80132

Non-US partners:

1. Australia: Through Global Development Group (GDG) and  use code J342. FYI, as with most processing organizations they charge a processing fee (6%). Go to their link and follow their instructions: https://www.globaldevelopment.org.au/donations.php?for=J342_Crossroads

2. UK: Through either Stewardship or CAF – contact us at jasonpolly@gmail.com and we can give you more instructions.

3. Hong Kong: Through Crossroads directly. Go to the website and follow their instructions: http://www.crossroads.org.hk/donate_money

4. If not listed above, you can send a check (in your home currency or Hong Kong dollars) to Crossroads at Crossroads Village, 2 Castle Peak Road, Hong Kong.

In order to protect your tax deduction please make sure NOT to put our name on the donation but instead send an email to accounts@crossroads.org.hk to inform them of your donation for us so it does not get allocated to “general expenses.”


1. What will you be doing in Hong Kong?   ANSWER IN SHORT: We will be working with the Global Hand team of Crossroads, which is located on 14 acres in the Gold Coast/Tuen Mun area of Hong Kong.

  • Jason will be helping to develop a new initiative that will use business to help projects around the world more effectively communicate the Good News and Truth. Specifically that will entail networking and getting businesses engaged with these projects to help them start businesses and create jobs…so that their communities can better understand the Good News and Our Father’s desire to care for them with good work.
  • Polly will be teaching the kindergarteners on the Crossroads campus which builds on her work over the past year and a half learning how to homeschool our boys.
  • “The boys” will be attending the school located on the Crossroads campus (called: TLC) and will be volunteering wherever they can help (e.g. loading 20 foot containers to be shipped to ministries around the world with customized shipments that will help set up schools, orphanages, medical clinics, etc.)

To stay plugged in and hear more please email us atjasonpolly@gmail.com, join our email newsletter and/or join the conversation on our Virtual Nobles facebook group.

2. So if you are working with the Global Hand team of Crossroads, where does VOCF fit in?   ANSWER: Crossroads is registered as a Hong Kong non-profit and therefore we needed a US registered non-profit (501c3) for US-located partners to be able to give to us.  VOCF (or Vision of Community Fellowship) fulfills this function for those giving in the US by providing tax deductible receipts. Note: For those outside the US look below for the giving option that best fits your country.

3. Where can I read more about Crossroads & Global Hand:

1. Our Virtual Nobles facebook page (not group) has both periodic updates from us as well as a page devoted to our work with Crossroads. You can click on most pictures on this page to get more information.

2. Crossroads website: www.crossroads.org.hk. The Global Hand team, which is part of the overall Crossroads work, can be found at globalhand.org.

3.. A powerpoint presentation explaining the various aspects of Crossroads’ work and the Global Village:http://www.crossroadsglobalvillage.org/

4. A short couple videos by Crossroads’ DJ Begbie explaining the work and the call of Crossroads: