International Workers

Inho Choi

Inho Choi and his family work in Kor, Kenya with Korea Food for the Hungry International.  They are planting "Vision of Community" through the Child Development Program.  You can support their projects by donating here. … Read More


Kristina Bower

Child Development Program Facilitator

Kristina and her husband, Luis Diego, work in Costa Rica for Food for the Hungry-Costa Rica.  Their mission is to help children grow wholistically (physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially) through the "Child Development Program". … Read More


Jason Noble

Dear Friends and Family, Welcome to our partnership site! Thanks for stopping by. Below is some information about how to partner with us and about what we will be doing with Crossroads in Hong Kong. Please join us in this adventure as we … Read More


Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill Support Page

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