Inho Choi

Inho Choi and his family work in Kor, Kenya with Korea Food for the Hungry International.  They are planting "Vision of Community" through the Child Development Program.  You can support their projects by donating here. … Read More


TenFold Bpo

Donor Care and Accounting

VOCF outsources our donorcare and accounting to TenFold Bpo, a business processing outsourcing company, based in Monument, Colorado.  As VOCF grows, we found the need to upgrade our systems to provide excellence in care and security to our … Read More

Amy and Nam Silaphot

Amy and her husband Nam envision a young generation of leaders in their community of Pa Deng in central Thailand. Their project, Blessed Children Communities, is under Thailand Food for the Hungry International and serves to physically, … Read More


Scott Martin

Training Facilitator

Scott Martin serves as VOCF's "Training Facilitator" in topics such as VOC, the New Nations Training System, and Young Farmers Partnership.  He is fluent in Spanish and focuses on Latin America, but serves all regions.  He has a very … Read More

Ted and Adela Yim

Ted and Adela are hunger corps for Korea Food for the Hungry International.  They will serve in Ecuador beginning in the spring of 2020.  You can help support their ministry here! … Read More


Randall Hoag


Randall Hoag is the President of VOCF.  He spends most of his time providing training on Personal, Leadership, and Community Transformation around the world.  His latest booklet, New Nations, is a training system that is being field … Read More


Jason Noble

Dear Friends and Family, Welcome to our partnership site! Thanks for stopping by. Below is some information about how to partner with us and about what we will be doing with Crossroads in Hong Kong. Please join us in this adventure as we … Read More


Nancy and Leonardo Sidar

Young Farmers Partnership Specialist and Administration

Nancy and her husband, Leonardo, have created a project in Nicaragua called God's Plan for the Family.  Their focus is transforming Nicaragua by starting with families in communities and prisons.  This includes livelihood development and … Read More