Two Key Steps Before Beginning Community Change

VOCF specializes in a community transformation process that leads to sustainable progress.  All too often, projects look good on inauguration day, but are essentially gone a few years later.

But what are two key steps before even beginning the community change process?

1. Change Myself First!
For most people, the thought of changing their nation is overwhelming.  Even one’s city is overwhelming.  What is not overwhelming is:  Change Myself First!  Change My Family First!  Change My Community First!  If your community is dirty and run-down, be the first to paint your house.  If people are not working, be a model of hard work.  If people are isolated from one another, start with your neighbors.  With a Change Myself First mindset, the only barrier that can stop you is yourself.

2. United Prayer
There is a special power when churches unite to pray for the well-being of their community.  These prayers are not self-centered, but outward focused on the issues faced by the community.  To not pray is to arrogantly assume we can change others when in reality, we have a hard time changing even ourselves.  Only God can change people.  Similarly, we can easily miss the most basic point of the Lord’s Prayer, that God’s Kingdom advances on earth by prayer.

These two steps, Change Myself First and United Prayer, create a vibrant environment for the rest of Community Transformation process to begin.