Author: Randall

Two Key Steps Before Beginning Community Change

VOCF specializes in a community transformation process that leads to sustainable progress.  All too often, projects look good on inauguration day, but are essentially gone a few years later. But what are two key steps before even beginning the community change process? 1. Change Myself First!For most people, the thought of changing their nation is

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Is Vision of Community Any Different than Traditional Development?

The end result of FHIF’s work is what we call: Vision of Community (VOC).  This means a sustainable, healthy community that can keep growing without us. If a community still needs FHIF’s outside funding or experts, we have not succeeded. There are two major differences between VOC and traditional development programs: The Process For VOC,

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A Key Question for Sustainable Change: Who is the owner?

  Questions are powerful since they reveal underlying assumptions and levels of understanding.  A key question for any community change process is, “Who is the owner?”  The knee-jerk (and right) answer should be “the community”.  Unfortunately, this often is not the case in reality. What is most common is a community that follows an outside

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