Nicaragua: Family, Farmers, Prisons



Project:  God’s Plan in the Family and Community Transformation
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Country: Nicaragua


The family is called to build up the Kingdom of God and to actively participate in the life and mission of the Church. The members of the family, taught by the word of God, invigorated with the aid of grace and the sacraments, and radiating the spirit of the Gospel, come to be a small living portion of a domestic church. The Church has always taught that the Christian family is a believing and evangelizing community that testifies to the presence Christ’s saving in the world through unity and fidelity of the spouses, and the conservation and transmission of faith to their children. In the family, parents must communicate the Gospel to their children, but also can receive it from them, so they will follow Jesus´ steps. Families must transmit their faith to other families and environments where ordinary life unfolds. In Nicaragua, we have been lost values, love, and above all faith in God. The economic situation of many families is also very limited, due to the crisis that there is in the country and around the world. On the other hand, there are people who for lack of knowledge and skills may not perform any activity enabling them to have decent work. For all of the above reasons, we wish to offer to the Lord our support for the evangelizing mission of the family; providing and sharing the knowledge that the Lord has given us to families and young people who need the presence of our Lord in their lives and help to move forward with their own so they can keep your children and direct them to the ways of God.

We also believe that we can change Nicaragua´s family mind trhought its prisons: The mission is to bring hope to the men and women incarcerated in Nicaragua through relationships with Jesus Christ and to demonstrate the love of Christ by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the prisoner and his or her family. 


“God in the Family Project” has a mission for the evangelization of families and prisoners who have not heard nor clearly applied the announcement of the full Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The vision of “God in the Family Project” is to become by the end of the year 2020 a Catholic Center of Integrated evangelization of excellent quality, strengthening evangelization and self-development for families, churches and communities, and prisoners.


·         Christ-Centered

·         Love

·         Service and Equality

·         Stewardship

·         Transformation          

General Objective:

To contribute to the spiritual, physical, and integral development of families and prisoners  and where-ever this project is carried out.

Specific Objectives:

·         Initiate and develop a full process of faith in the families, according to the social doctrine of the Church, conceived from the time of the first Christians in order to promote the building of a community of Christians committed to themselves, their families and their communities.

·         To visit prisoners, showing the Love of Jesus Christ and helping them to understand more about God´s Word  and encourage them to live under God´s will.

·         Prepare the families so that they join into the parish community, from which continue to celebrating and maturing in faith.

·         Train families, (crafts, Omnilife business, and horticulture) to acquire skills they can perform and move forward by their own means.

·         Identify in the communities, those people former deprived of freedom to also involve them in activities and direct them in the faith.

·         Encourage those young or teens having alcohol or drug addiction problems to concentrate on sport (TaeKwon-Do ITF) and thus leave

their vices.

·         Promote and encourage the Christian vocation among restless youth so they seek a greater identification with the Gospel. Show them the way to find themselves, with others and with God.

·         Organize reflection groups wanting to deepen and engage more with the faith.

·         Promote actions that lead us to learn more about Jesus and the good news of the Kingdom of God.

·         Implement and present the VOC as a strategy of mutual help with-in families and their communities.


·         Evangelize at least 20 families per month, also teaching them the skills of crafts, Omnilife business, and horticulture.

·         Invite and lead 20 families to church and doing follow-up to encourage them to keep congregating.

·         To visit the prisoners at least 10 times at month

·         To have at least 2 graduations at month for Bible studies.

·         Successfully motivate the 20 families to have a family garden in their home.

·         By the end of the 1st year 2015, have at least 10 families graduated in Apologetics and family catechesism.

·         Have 2 groups of young people and teenagers (20-30 students per group) practicing TaeKwon-Do ITF.

·         Make monthly visits to families formerly deprived of freedom to offer them to join groups already designed (including Tae Kwon Do classes for children) and thus gain their trust and take the word of God to their homes.

·         Conduct different community activities (e.g. cleaning of streets, planting trees etc) by presenting and promoting the VOC.


Desription Monthly Amount Annual Amount
Salaries $600.00 $7,200.00
Transportation to visit prisons $130.00 $1,560.00
Food for the prisoners $110.00 $1,320.00
Hygenic supply for prisoners $68.33 $820.00
TOTALS $908.33 $10,900.00

Note: We also collect donations such us: food, hyienic supply and Bibles to deliver to the prisoners.

Thank you for your help.