Young Farmers Partnership

Young Farmers Partnership (YFP) aims to encourage everyone to grow at least some of your own food, eat healthy, and be resilient.  It redefines the traditional donor-beneficiary relationship to a partnership where both parties benefit.  Anyone is eligible, but we put a particular emphasis on young people who do not have a farm or garden yet.

From 2 coins to whatever a donor desires, one partner can sponsor the other partner to develop a small farm or garden. Within 30 days of starting your monthly donation, we will link you with a young person from Africa, the Americas, or Asia.

How the Receiving Partner benefits:
– Training in organic agriculture and nutrition.
– Training in life skills, such as: mindset, business, family life, and community service.
– One-time farm startup kit fit for the local climate: tools, seeds, and other supplies.
– Mentoring by an experienced farmer or gardener.
– Celebrations through the seasons:  planting, caring, harvesting, and preparing.
– Assistance in creating a local cooperative. 
– Pictures and videos from the Giving Partner’s family, garden or farm. 

How the Giving Partner benefits:
– Pictures and videos at least twice per year from the Receiving Partner. We give you “rich” information instead of boring, standardized reports.
– Satisfaction of helping to transform a young person’s life.  For those living in rural areas, it can give a reason not to migrate to poverty (or worse) in the city.
– Impact not only for the young farmer, but their whole family.
– Learn from the same training materials as the Receiving Partner, so you and your family benefit the same way.
– Confidence that your donation is resulting in production, not a temporary hand-out.
– Multiplication of your donation, because the Receiving Partner commits to help another young farmer. 

How Young Farmers Partnership is different:
– YFP is a 2-way relationship, not a one-way donor to beneficiary system.
– YFP allows for any size of donation – from 2 coins to whatever a donor desires.  On average, we need $20/month for a cluster of 5 receiving families to get going. 
– YFP invests in productive activities, not just charity. 
– YFP provides real-time reporting via social media. 
– YFP has a built-in system for multiplication to other families. 
– YFP is not just for rural areas, but also for the growing trend of urban gardens and farms.
– YFP focuses on small farms and gardens, which produces over 80% of the world’s food.
– YFP doesn’t only teach farming, but also life skills, especially mindset. 
– YFP limits financial giving to 3 years from one partner to the other to avoid creating dependency.
– YFP is a perfect extension of child sponsorship that typically ends at age 18, but often without any employment.
– YFP helps stall migration from rural areas to urban poverty.
– YFP doesn’t just react to emergencies, it prepares people for future food shortages.

Join the movement.  Partner with a new, young farmer and family today!