Shirley Hoag Memorial Fund

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This is a special page to support a cause that Shirley Hoag was already supporting prior to her going to heaven.  She was helping 5 youth in Nicaragua through a unique program called Young Farmers Partnership (YFP). By donating here, you can add more youth on behalf of Shirley.  Shown below is a description of why YFP is so unique in the world of philanthropy.

Thank you on behalf of Shirley!


Young Farmers Partnership (YFP) aims to encourage everyone to grow at least some of your own food, eat healthy, and be resilient.  It redefines the traditional donor-beneficiary relationship to a partnership where both parties benefit.  Anyone is eligible, but we put a particular emphasis on young people who do not have a farm or garden yet.

From 2 coins to whatever a donor desires, one partner can sponsor the other partner to develop a small farm or garden. Within 30 days of starting your monthly donation, we will link you with a young person from Africa, the Americas, or Asia.

How the Receiving Partner benefits:
– Training in organic agriculture and nutrition.
– Training in life skills, such as: mindset, business, family life, and community service.
– One-time farm startup kit fit for the local climate: tools, seeds, and other supplies.
– Mentoring by an experienced farmer or gardener.
– Celebrations through the seasons:  planting, caring, harvesting, and preparing.
– Assistance in creating a local cooperative.
– Pictures and videos from the Giving Partner’s family, garden or farm.

How the Giving Partner benefits:
– Pictures and videos at least twice per year from the Receiving Partner. We give you “rich” information instead of boring, standardized reports.
– Satisfaction of helping to transform a young person’s life.  For those living in rural areas, it can give a reason not to migrate to poverty (or worse) in the city.
– Impact not only for the young farmer, but their whole family.
– Learn from the same training materials as the Receiving Partner, so you and your family benefit the same way.
– Confidence that your donation is resulting in production, not a temporary hand-out.
– Multiplication of your donation, because the Receiving Partner commits to help another young farmer.

How Young Farmers Partnership is different:
– YFP is a 2-way relationship, not a one-way donor to beneficiary system.
– YFP allows for any size of donation – from 2 coins to whatever a donor desires.  On average, we need $20/month for a cluster of 5 receiving families to get going.
– YFP invests in productive activities, not just charity.
– YFP provides real-time reporting via social media.
– YFP has a built-in system for multiplication to other families.
– YFP is not just for rural areas, but also for the growing trend of urban gardens and farms.
– YFP focuses on small farms and gardens, which produces over 80% of the world’s food.
– YFP doesn’t only teach farming, but also life skills, especially mindset.
– YFP limits financial giving to 3 years from one partner to the other to avoid creating dependency.
– YFP is a perfect extension of child sponsorship that typically ends at age 18, but often without any employment.
– YFP helps stall migration from rural areas to urban poverty.
– YFP doesn’t just react to emergencies, it prepares people for future food shortages.

Join the movement.  Partner with a new, young farmer and family today!